Boris I. Podlovchenko
Selected papers

Reviews, chapters in books

  1. Топливные элементы / Под ред. Багоцкого В.С.,Васильева Ю.Б. М.: Наука, 1968. 197 с.
  2. Проблемы электрокатализа/ Под ред.Багоцкого В.С. М.: Наука, 1980.272 с.
  3. Elektrodnye protsessy v rastvorakh organicheskikh soedinenii (The Electrode Processes in Solutions of Organic Compounds), Damaskin, B.B., Ed., Moscow: Mosk. Gos. Univ., 1985.
  4. Practical works in electrochemistry. Moscow. Vysshaya Shkola, 1991.

Selected original papers

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Recent papers

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