Laboratory of Electrical Double Layer and Electrode Kinetics
(headed by Professor B.B.Damaskin)

Theoretical problems of electrical double layer structure on ideally polarizable electrodes and reversible adsorption of ions and neutral organic molecules on electrodes are considered, and also the specific features of kinetics of multistep electrochemical processes limited by mass transfer, electron transfer and chemical reaction. Special attention is paid to computer simulation of specific adsorption and coadsorption of ions and neutral organic molecules on the electrode surfaces. The statistical method of regression analysis of differential capacity and electrocapillary curves is developed and successfully applied to determination of parameters characterizing the adsorption of organic molecules on electrodes.
The adsorption properties of 2D condensed layers formed by organic surfactants are under study, with special attention to the role of molecular structure, temperature, and coadsorption of foreign species. Systematic adsorption studies of cryptate complex cations and their effect on electroreduction processes is carried out.
Specific features of the solid alloy/electrolyte solution interfacial structure are under study with the use of electrochemical (impedance, voltammetry, etc.) and XPS techniques and electrodes in situ renewable by mechanic cutting. Novel approaches to the model description of surface relaxation effects observed after surface renewal are developed.
In cooperation with Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, RAS, the studies of electrochemical noise are carried out.

Recent publications

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